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Rose Quartz Roller Slimming Face Massager

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Slimming Face Massager treat yourself to an at-home facial with our luxurious rose quartz roller. Our high-quality roller has dual ends for maximum benefit: a large roller for your face and a small roller for your eye area. It’s naturally cool to the touch and refreshing on tired skin. 

Prized for centuries for its healing properties, rose quartz rollers soothe and relax through gentle facial massage. This pink “love stone” is a simple, safe, and luxurious way to care for your complexion. 

Use  Face Massager our quartz roller daily to reduce inflammation and improve your skin tone. The act of rolling is deeply comforting and indulgent, helping to reduce facial tension and leading to a relaxed feeling.


  • Power Source: None
  • Function1: rose quartz massage roller
  • Function2: lifting massage
  • Function3: jade crystal roller
  • Function4: jade roller facial massager

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