Value Accessory Cross fit 11-Piece Set Resistance Workout Latex Band

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More Than 100 Training Routine.

In the present state of affairs, where social distancing and self-isolation have been advised going out to the gym is not advisable. Your best option is to stay at home and exercise with the New Value Accessory Resistance Band suitable for muscle building, Abs exercise, yoga stretching exercise, pilate, resistance band exercise and low impact to prevent injury.

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Made from environmentally friendly materials, a great long term investment can be used for a long time without deformation.

A protective fabric handle to guild against wear and tear.
Portable and convenient to store.
Gains optimal elasticity and resistance.
Suitable for both men and women.



Value Accessory 11 Piece Set Resistance Workout Latex Band

Suitable for muscle enhancement, body shaping, and fat reduction.

Whether it’s functional, physical training, cross-training, or comprehensive training, the elastic rope is always the ideal training tool.

  • Saves you time and money
  • Easy to set up anywhere in the house.
  • No expensive gym membership required
  • Workout on your own pace, no distraction.
  • Excellent workout kit when combined with a workout App.
  • Build and increase muscle strength for the upper and lower body.
  • Suitable perform a wide variety of exercises and are appropriate for people of all fitness levels



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