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Electric Feather Roly-Poly Cat Toy

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The best interactive toy for cats, a perfect way to keep your pet active and healthy. The oval-shaped electric feather roly-poly toy rotates in a 360° motion automatically with a feather wand attached to it, which creates so much fun, and it is totally irresistible, it gets even the laziest cats moving in the right direction. The plastic wand with the tempting feather attachment swivels and bends unpredictably - driving cats crazy!

This toy will definitely make your cat healthier and more active than ever, come on and get one for your kitty!

The feather is made of high-quality plush, non-toxic, and do not worry about pets playing time will be bruised mouth and nose.

  • Safe and economically
  • Fun, lightweight and cute
  • Beautiful crafted oval shape and brightly colored to attract the attention of your pet.
  • Durable, shockproof, cat friendly, and scratch-resistant.
  • Keep your pet active, more healthy, energetic, nimbler.
  • The automatic toy allows you to relieve your hands and can let your pets play by themselves.
  • Suitable for small and medium-sized cats and dogs.

Automated standby mode without any interaction for 3 minutes, the robot cat toy will automatically switch to standby mode to make your cat rest and save battery power. 
Great long-lasting battery, cat toy simply powered by 2 AAA batteries (1.5V)

The battery life is 20 times longer than button batteries, which can maintain long-lasting battery life.  You will never have to change the battery frequently.

Note: The battery is not included in the product.

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