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Pet Snuffle Mat - Training and Feed Mat for Pets

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Pet Snuffle Mat - Training and Feed Mat for Pets

Innovative pet snuffle mat mentally stimulates your pet foraging skills daily, a great playful way to satisfies the dog's natural curiosity and enhance its superior sense of smell.
Interactive pet puzzle. awesome feeding station, exhaust their 300 million olfactory receptors in seconds with a few treats.
100% machine washable and non-toxic.
Anti-slip bottom and chew-resistant strips.
Very creative product to mimic the hunt in the wild, allow the pet to sniff its favorite snack hiding in the mat. Besides the hunt for food provides it provides mental stimulation to reduce boredom, anxiety, and temperament.


Place some of your pet favorite snacks or treats in the Velcro of the snuffle mat. Hidden properly increase more stimulation, fun, and excitement for your pet.
Using the velcro bottom the mat, connect multiple mats for more pets to join the fun, hide the snacks properly increase the fun time for your happy pet.

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