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Nano Mist Spray Bottle Facial Steamer With Power Bank & Thermostat

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Say goodbye to dry skin, uneven skin tone, and furrowed forehead permanently. Try Nano Mist Spray Bottle Facial Steamer today!

  • After being surrounded by several hours of noisy air conditioning, warm facial steam will release built-up tension and help you sleep, just add essential oils to promote relaxation and eliminate stress.

  • And wake up every morning feeling that deep clean and hydrated facial skin.

  • It helps reduce the look of puffy eyes, clears skin congestion, and provides moisture where you need it the most.

It relaxes your muscle tension, cleans the face and it’s great for travel.Treat your skin to a steaming facial in minutes with Nano Mist Spray Bottle Facial Steamer. The DIY Facial Steamer works as a face steamer by spraying fine mist upwards onto the face and upwards towards the hairline. The mist heats up and creates steam, effectively cleansing pores and removing dirt on the skin's surface. The perfect mini facial in a bottle!



Reduce redness, breakouts and open your pores. For an all-over relaxing experience with a sauna-like effect on your skin.
This steamer will help your skin stay clear as it cleanses pores. It also helps with acne, oily skin, and clogged pores.
Guarantee a moisturized skin, radiant glow, and soothes facial muscle that feels smooth to the touch

Product Feature:

Our plastic-based USB rechargeable device is perfect for enhancing your skin's moisture and tightening, making it a great tool for the modern era, and its great skincare equipment.

Weight (kg): About 0.16
Fog Time: 61-120 Seconds
Gear Position: 1 File.
Additional Feature - Serves as a thermostat for your body temperature.


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