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Camping Hammock with Mosquito Net

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While the great outdoors is an awesome sight to see, nothing annoys campers than mosquitoes lingering in these woods. Time for you to say goodbye to mosquito buzzes and bites! Sleep soundly indoors or outdoors with a high-quality camping hammock with a mosquito net!

MOSQUITO PROOF - Designed with small and dense mesh net which effectively prevents mosquitoes and bugs from entering the hammock as you can have a sound sleep, without waking up to mosquito buzz and sleep peacefully indoors and outdoors.

FLATTER BASE - Makes sleeping in your hammock more comfortable as it keeps the hammock base flatter, thus eliminating the usual banana effect which can be uncomfortable to lie on.

STEEL ROD – Comes with 2 steel rods that hold the mesh net steady for you so you can sleep peacefully without a net swinging right at your face.

COMPACT & FOLDABLE - Designed to be compact and foldable so it easily packs away into a conveniently small integrated stuff sack.

It makes it a perfect companion in all types of camping like car camping, backpacking, bike camping, scouting, kayak/canoe camping, and more.

DURABLE BUILD - Made with 100% HIGH-QUALITY parachute nylon fabric which can fully withstand a total weight of 440lb, thus offering a durable and long-lasting service.

Never be bothered by annoying mosquitoes and bugs again!
Zip yourself up in a net and get that well-deserved sleep at the camp with the High-Quality Camping Hammock with Mosquito Net!

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