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Virtual Reality 3D Google And Headphone Shinecon Pro Version

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A truly fun and immersive experience for any age.

These VR glasses are able to turn your smartphone into the ultimate 3D machine for 3D games and split-screen movies.
works with over 1000+ iOS/Android virtual reality apps on Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Search VR or some other related keyword on Google Play or APP store.
The surface of this 3D VR glasses is matte and High-quality optical lenses with a clearer view and the more precipitated experiences.


Three adjustable straps can distract part of pressure from the bridge of the nose, super face foam protector, comfortable design.
Major upgraded technologies.
Anti-blue light. Anti-reflection. Hardened lens. Reduced radiation. Anti-blue light. Good light transmittance. No distortion optical lens to restore your real image.

Five details are perfected. Focus on quality, so pay more attention to details. Cooling and venting panel. Multi-function button. 3D stereo headphones.
1. No burden for a short-sighted person. one can wear glasses to watch.
2. Both pupil distance and object distance are adjustable. The short-sighted person below 600 degrees can watch. Before adjustment. After adjustment.
3. 120-degree wide viewing. The shocking big viewing, easy to experience the giant screen theater.
4.Multiple compatibilities. Support 4.0-6.0 inch iOS and Android smartphones. Also Compatible with some 6.5-inch full-screen phones.
5.Breathable cooling mask. Soft, breathable, more comfortable PU leather material.
Bluetooth Remote Controller:
1. Support massive games 2. Compatible with multiple platforms 3. Wear-resistant branch button 4. Bluetooth 4.0 5.360° Rocker


 1. Not only the game controller
2. Multi-function handle. Very compatible
3. Selfie Artifact
4. Video remote control
5. Music controller
6. TV top box remote control
7. PC computer remote control
8. Tablet remote control


Four operations modes,Very Multifunctional
1. Mouse mode: @+A key Mouse mode
You can use the joystick to freely control, confirm, exit, fast forward, rewind, etc.
2. Entertainment mode: @+B key Multimedia mode
With the joystick, you can start playing music directly and adjust the volume.
3. Horizontal screen mode: @+X key Chicken game mode
You can operate with both hands and handles, and the direction of the joystick will switch. It is suitable for mobile games.
4. Apple mode: @+Y key Apple iCade mode
Specially made for Apple users, support IOS system
5. Please refer to the instruction manual for the specific operation method.

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