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360 Degree Rotation Star Night Lighting Projector Lamp

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The Star Night Lighting Projector mimics the twinkling stars, with a stationary half moon and waving clouds creating a romantic and relaxed atmosphere, the night light projector restores your romantic dream. The beautiful twinkling stars and waving clouds light can help you and your kids fall asleep quickly and smoothly.
The New Star Night Lighting projector with four wavy ocean switch effects by the push of the touch sensor button. 
⭐The 6 random colors illuminate and create a soothing ambiance in a gentle sequence to create the right atmosphere to relax your nerves. With one-tone and two-tone lights changing ability. The waving lights are version friendly and give you fantastic lighting experiences.
Programmed 6 (six) colors in auto-play mode
The 3 primary colors are  Blue Red Green projected by your own stars projector night light.
Press the main switch gently, to turn on the button of star lights, the led projector night light will give you the greatest experiences. With the inbuilt smart technology enabled the sky light projector automatically shuts off after 4 hours of continuous use.
Helps to reduces the amount of blue light at night time, and it displays warmer colors that can help to reduce eye strain and help you fall asleep after staying up late working on your computer.

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