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Adjustable Elastic Ankle Support Brace

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Breathable Elastic Material: Ankle Brace Strap is made with latex-free, Neoprene not only to give needed compression, with how it is meticulously made, it also ensures to keep the feet dry, comfortable and odor-free throughout the entire because of its sweat-wicking feature. Great, lightweight ankle support!

Non-Slip And Open Heel Designed: Adjustable Elastic Ankle Support Brace for Basketball Strategically produced with Soft-wavy Silicon Gel, a NEW feature for an added grip which perfectly holds the ankle in place to prevent sliding hence, minimizing the risk of an ankle injury and sprains at the same time an open heel design allowing full range of movement and amazing flexibility. Secure it with the strong velcro tab so, you can do more without worries!


  • Material: Polyester

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